WORK (x5)

Yoooo, Tuesday got you feeling like you’re suffocating in a black hole of despair and you wish Paula from accounting would just STFU ALREADY about how she thinks that she needs a haircut but is nervous to chop it, and what do I think? and you want to go home and take an edible and eat pizza in your underwear, possibly on the beach? Same.

Hopefully this playlist will make it better.

No matter if you work in a cube, your own office (I officially hate you if this applies, don’t ever talk to me again), or at home (see other parentheses)– this playlist is a wonderful concoction of slow, yet upbeat tracks that can get your head on straight enough to tackle your inbox. And Paula. Who, by the way, will look horrible with short hair. I told her to go for it.

Work sucks, I know. Listen to good music at least.


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