New Artist to Watch: The Struts

Who said Rock n’ Roll was dead? The Struts, a relatively new (in comparison to golden era) rock group, is proving to America that it’s alive and well.

When I heard a song off their first album, Everybody Wants, it was like a breath of fresh air. Their loud, unapologetic energy that comes through in their songs had me feeling like I was in the 70’s. A girl can dream, right?

This British four-man group led by lead singer Luke Spiller is definitely about to get big in America. That was clear to me immediately. I was then surprised, but not shocked, to see their name on the Lollapalooza festival lineup for this summer. TBD if they are performing at any other festivals, but props to the Lolla crew for finding this gem early in the game.

Give these boys your heart and get ready to throw your bra on stage.

Best songs: Kiss This, She Makes Me Feel Like, Could Have Been Me

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