The wonderfully nostalgic timeline of the Tim Bergling era

You may have heard. You may have not. If I’m the first one to break this to you, you may want to sit down before you continue to read. Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, has decided to retire from touring. I wish I would have worn black today. Read his retirement letter here.

Avicii became popular my freshman year of college, and continued to put out banger after banger that made every pregame, party, and A-bar I attended super turnt. And since the social scene is obviously the most important part of collegiate life, he ultimately shaped my college career.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back on just how truly perfectly timed each Avicii hit came into my life. Disclaimer: if you don’t know me, or didn’t attend UW-Madison, you may not be able to relate to this. But you can fuck off because this is important.

2011: Freshman Year, Avicii releases Levels

You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard this. It was the perfect party song while I drank nasty Burnett’s in the dorms (shout out to Patrick Griffin dorm parties) and blacked out on long islands at Hawks.

2012: Sophomore Year, Fade Into Darkness gets big

Ah yes, and fade into darkness we did. I barely remember sophomore year because most of the time I was off depleting my brain cells at a frat house. This song reminds me of Gameday, standing on the bar at a frat party, shamelessly throwing beer on the souls below me. Also, a moment of silence for St. Patrick’s Day. I could write a book on all the memories from that year.

2013: Junior Year, Avicii kills the game and releases another album

Avicii just gets it. Right when I thought he couldn’t give me more feels than I already had, the man drops Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. This was important because the idea that college could end someday was starting to sneak into our brains. The lyrics to Wake Me Up were too perfect and explain everything. And a round of applause to Frank and the boys for taking us to the Final Four this year and making me feel happiness I didn’t know existed.

2014: Senior year, Avicii continues to just KNOW my life

Avicii timed the release of The Days/The Nights immaculately. He really made me appreciate those FAC days at Chaser’s and those KK nights. The days, the nights, man. I don’t know how he does it.

2015: end of Senior Year/Graduation, Stories drops

At this point, I’m really not sure how Avicii is so in my head. Is he watching me sleep and listening to my thoughts? Fine if he is. 2015 will now be considered the year when Avicii released his last album, Stories. By now, I have a million and one “stories” that happened between 2011 and this album. Get it? Avicii does and that’s obvious. I can’t go on without getting sappy.

2016: I am old and washed up, Avicii releases one more song to remind me of my youth and retires.

The release of Taste The Feeling is bittersweet. By the length of this post, you can probably tell how many feels I have right now. Tim Bergling always let me know how I felt when I was too drunk to know myself. His albums give me the best timeline to look back on.

Goodbye Tim. Goodbye College. And bless you for releasing one more masterpiece before patio season.

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