What It’s Really Like to Go to Coachella

One word: Magical.

And honestly, a lot less weird than I was expecting.

A care-free and playful atmosphere brought out the best in the festival-goers. While I was expecting over-the-top trendy and weird outfits, most people were dressed in normal, cute clothing. Unlike other festivals I have attended, there were also a lot less shitty people. This could be due to a multitude of reasons, but I’d like to believe that people felt some sort of solidarity and a kindred spirit because we were only allowed to buy 3-day passes and therefore were all in this weekend-long battle together.

Of course, celebrities were in abundance. On the first day, I spotted Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoying Ellie Goulding’s set while huffing haaaard on e-cigarettes. Taylor Swift, easy to see with her bleach blonde hair (anyone know what that’s about?), stood out in a star-studded crowd as Calvin Harris closed down the festival. Her dance moves were as awkward and weird as you could imagine.

Coachella is unmatched by any other festival in America, purely because the artists actually enjoy attending and performing at it. The guest appearances throughout many of the acts proved this. In my opinion, Rihanna won best surprise guest when she performed “We Found Love” with Calvin Harris. I was lucky enough to be situated between Calvin and Rihanna while they performed together. Video here.

On to the names that were actually on the lineup. Here’s my superlatives for the weekend 1 performances.

Best Performance: Ellie Goulding

Most Underrated Act: Grimes

Artist That Surprised Me the Most: M83

Artist That Should Have Had a Bigger Crowd: Halsey

Best Up-and-Coming Act: Crystal Fighters

Craziest Lights: The Chainsmokers

Watch more on the Audible Indulgence YouTube Channel!


If you’re going next weekend, feel lucky. Drink the Pineapple Cider and eat the watermelon. They’re life savers.




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