Artist to Watch: Allan Rayman

It’s not often that you hear about artists shying away from the media these days. Some people can’t get enough of it. Justin Bieber loves to hate it. Steve Aoki is the Snap Chat king. Even Snoop’s instagram game is strong.

Not Allan Rayman, though. He’s still out there, somewhere in his home city of Toronto, smoking cigarettes and making good music.
I was instantly attracted to Rayman’s sound, and immediately looked him up so I could find out more about him. To my surprise, he’s a bit of a mystery man. I’m into it.

Although he puts on airs of having a presence on the internet (see: artist page, Instagram account, etc.), you won’t find many details on his personal life.  If his voice wasn’t so goddamn sultry, I would *maybe* be mad at him. But all I need from Rayman is some fresh songs, maybe new album, and a couple dick pics. I don’t think that’s asking too much. Listen, and you’ll understand.



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