John Legend- Penthouse Floor (ft. Chance the Rapper)

Could it be? Two of my biggest man-crushes coming together for a collab?

It’s true, and it’s perfect. John Legend’s effortlessly silky smooth voice croons at you in this new funky jam, Penthouse Floor. The track has some gospel vibes and makes you want to swing your hips and snap your fingers. Following Love Me Now, it’s the second single off John’s coming album, Darkness and Light, which I am awaiting with bated breath to drop next month. I don’t care if it’s not Christmas music, you best believe I’ll be bumping it all holiday season long.

Chance’s verse is obviously amazing. He puts his own twist on “new phone, who dis?” and talks about how his celebrity status has helped him climb the social ladder, yet he doesn’t feel that he belongs at a ‘penthouse floor’ party.

Based on the two tracks we’ve heard so far, John’s album is sure to bring many important social issues to the forefront of conversation. If you follow him and Chrissy on social media, you can see he has a clear, well-educated opinion of these issues, and hopefully can ignite change through his lyrics.

Still not convinced that you should love this song? I’ll give you one more reason: The song was co-written by Sia.

Listen below:


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