Breezin’ back in like Festival Season

We back baby!!!

After a little hiatus, I decided it would be wrong of me to stop sharing the best music of the moment with you. I’m a pretty self-absorbed person, so I have to give where I can, right?

Did anyone see the Lollapalooza lineup drop today? If you’re reading weird obscure music blogs like this, I’m sure you did. I’m pretty pumped I snagged a 4-day pass before they were sold out, because this year is looking hyyyype as fuq. Lolla finally figured out how to stop getting shitty suburban high school kids to come- go back to Alt-Rock roots, less high-profile Pop/EDM. Although I love to get down n’ dirty at EDM shows, I fully support this shift.

There are lots of awesome artists on this year’s lineup. Below are some of my favorite songs by some of the smaller acts on the schedule. Get to know them, and cop a pass, or you’ll regret it!

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