Artist to Watch: Pond

Tame Impala fan? Then you’ll love my latest discovery: Pond.  If you’re a yuuuuge Tame Impala fan, chances are you’ve heard of them, mainly because their guitarist and drummer are the founding members of Pond.

I see Pond as sort of a side-project for these guys, since the sound is extremely similar to the more popular group. I totally dig the psychedelic, funky, new-wave sound that they mess around with.

Although Pond has been around since at least 2010, they just got on my radar with a new single, The Weather. 

I promise you, it’s a coincidence that my favorite song by them is Waiting Around for Grace. I’m sure i’ll get some shit for this but I don’t care, because the song is fantastic. It’s also their most played song on Spotify, okay? Shut up. I love the way it builds, and it’s a real head-bopper.

New album is out May 5th.


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