Concert Review: Maggie Rogers

I attended Maggie Rogers’ show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago last Sunday. She’s a folksy up-and-coming artist you should get to know. I have listened to all her songs, and watched her Master Class with Pharrell (multiple times), so I thought I knew what to expect.

This is her first legit tour, and I was blown away by her performance. Sure, there’s room to grow, but she looked and sounded amazing. Honestly, HER VOICE! I can’t get over how beautiful it was, and how impressive she sounded live. Better than on record! Her Lorde-like dance moves were fun to watch too.

When she spoke between songs, it was clear that she is wise beyond her years. She definitely knows what’s up and has created a unique sound that is going to make her stand out. She even did a cover of Harvest by Neil Young, and I didn’t even realize it until halfway through because it sounded so different.

I’m pretty jazzed on the future for Maggie Rogers. She’s doing the festival circuit this summer, which will gain her tons of exposure for her first album. I’m hoping to catch her again at Outside Lands and Lollapalooza, and will be interested to see how much stage presence she gains over the next couple months. The stage is yours, Maggie!

Concert Experience: B+

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