Let’s Talk About Hans Zimmer’s Coachella Set

Hans Zimmer, one of the last sets of Coachella Weekend 1, will not be forgotten anytime soon. Hans is a composer who has been in the music game for a long time. As in, he’s 59 years old and has composed a shitload of tracks for many movies we know and love. With four Grammy’s and one Academy Award, the dude knows how to put together a set list. His renditions of Pirates of the Caribbean straight into remixes of the Lion King are legendary.

Oh, and he has an full orchestra onstage with him too. OH WAIT, he also brings out surprised guest Pharrell Williams to sing Freedom.

Major ups to whoever put Hans on the Coachella lineup. Listen below and make sure you never make the mistake of missing Hans Zimmer if he plays a show near you.

Full Set List:

Dream Is Collapsing (Inception)
Mombasa (Inception)
Jack Sparrow (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
One Day (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
Up Is Down (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
He’s a Pirate (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
Circle of Life (The Lion King)
Under the Stars (The Lion King)
This Land (The Lion King)
The Wheat (Gladiator)
The Battle (Gladiator)
Elysium (Gladiator)
Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
Freedom (with Pharrell Williams)
Why So Serious? (The Dark Knight Trilogy)
Fear Will Find You (The Dark Knight Trilogy)
Aurora (Aurora)
Time (Inception)

EDIT: Unfortunately, the set has been taken down from SoundCloud. I’ll repost it if it appears again! In the meantime, checkout his opening Inception mix.

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