Artist to Watch: Whethan

Looking for your next DJ obsession? You’re in luck, I’ve already found him for you. Chances are, you may have heard some of his remixes before and just didn’t realize who you were listening to.

And who might that be? Whethan, an American DJ, hailing from Chicago. He was discovered by Skrillex on Instagram, has millions of plays on his SoundCloud page, and is just 17 years old.

Originally known as Wheathin, Ethan Snoreck is definitely on the way to success. He just released ‘Love Gang’ with Charli XCX and is going on a tour this summer that includes some festival stops.

So what’s next for Whethan? Rumor has it that a collab with Skrillex is in the works. With such a bright future and so much ambition, I think we’re going to be hearing many more bangers from this young producer soon.

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