Listen to the Big Little Lies Soundtrack

Maybe you’ve never seen the show- doesn’t matter.

Maybe you’ve already listened to this soundtrack 20 times- doesn’t matter.

The Big Little Lies soundtrack has something for everyone, and it’s damn good. If you close your eyes, you almost feel yourself taking a relaxing walk along the ocean with the breeze in your hair, or dancing with your partner outside on a warm summer night with a glass of red wine in your hand. What I mean is, this album is all good vibes. With some of my favorite artists represented, and also some new discoveries, I am all in for this one.

The standout track for me is from the opening credits of the show and the opening song of this playlist, Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka. Although this song is smooth and sweet enough to listen to the full 10 minute version, a 3 minute radio-edited version can also be found.

Major honorable mention to River by Leon Bridges as well. It will make you fully feel the feelings described above.

Listen below.

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