Artist to Watch: Her

This soulful French duo is not new to the music scene. Pharrell and The Weeknd already love them and have given them shoutouts. However, they’re a new audible indulgence for me. Her is the perfect amount of electronic, R&B, and pop combo that I (along with pretty much everyone) has been digging lately.

Nates, France’s Simon Carpentier and Victor Solf released their first album Her Tape #1 in 2015. The standout hit 5 Minutes was all I needed to hear to be hooked on the pair.

My favorite thing about this band: their name. In an interview with Milk, they talk about why they named their band Her. Victor states, “For us, women represent a lot of things. They’re still a mystery and they will stay a mystery forever. Her represents a lot of sensuality and it’s in all of our music.”

Earlier this year, Her released their second album, appropriately titled Her Tape #2. The single off this album, Swim, really impressed me. It starts off slow, but then builds throughout the song making you totally jam out by the end when the saxophone comes in. I love how funky the beat is- it reminds me of something you would hear from Chromeo.

Her has already become well-known in France and across Europe, but I’m expecting them to make even bigger waves in the U.S. soon. Keep your eyes and ears open!

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